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CTS Software Upgrade

How to perform a CTS Codec software upgrade? In CLI I see commands for switching between slot 1, slot 2 and factory images, but how do I upload the software in these partitions?

Cisco Employee

Re: CTS Software Upgrade

To upgrade the CTS software, you will load the file downloaded from the Cisco Website (Ex: SIPTS.1-5-11-3659R-K9.sbn) and load that into the TFTP of your Call Manager.

Next you will pull up the profile for the TelePresence codec in your Call Manager under Device>Phone. You then add the file name of the new phone load into the "Phone Load Name" field. Save the profile and reboot the TelePresence unit from the CUCM. The TelePresence unit should download the new phone load from the TFTP server and install it.

As a note, the upgrade process will cause several reboots. The TelePresence unit will download the new load, install it, also install drivers for display or camera is needed and if running a 3000 or 3200, it will also repeat the process on the secondary codecs. Be very, very patient when going through this and don't reboot the units until they are finished with the install. No user input should be needed during this process.

Usually takes 20-60 minutes for the full install depending on the jump in versions and how many codecs the TelePresence unit needs to upgrade.


Cisco Employee

Re: CTS Software Upgrade

You can reference the process of upgrading the software or device pack from the url below.


Cisco Employee

Re: CTS Software Upgrade


Please note that the newly uploaded image from the CUCM will load into previous "inactive" slot and this slot will become the "active" one (indicated by a *). The new "inactive" slot, which was the "active" slot before, will have the same image. The factory image slot will remain the same.

From the CLI, then you can type the "show version" command and check your 3 images. Also then you can type the "utils system switch-version " command to switch to a different slot, but please remember that this is not an upgrade.




Re: CTS Software Upgrade

Apart from all the good replies from my colleagues, please check compatibility matrix of CTS and other of our TP components:


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