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cucm 8.6 sip uri

I have sx 20 registered in cucm 8.6. When i dial number it shows ext@cucm ip address & status of call is dialling not connected. I m not able to find sip uri option in cucm phone page. I need to confirm does cucm 8.6 support sip uri or not ? Incase if not supportable, how to manage the diales number. regards
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URI dialing was not added

URI dialing was not added until CUCM 9.x. Every build before that only supports numeric dialing. If the call is egresses out of the cluster CUCM will suffix the numeric number with the CUCM node's IP address or the Cluster Top Level Domain if specified under System Enterprise Parameters.

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 Hi jonathan,Thank for reply


Hi jonathan,

Thank for reply.

Actually we have SX 20 configured into CUCM 8.6.

CUCM 8.6 is connected with Virtual TP Conductor & TP Conductor is connected with virtual TP Server.

We have setup meet-me video conference. We have setup Route Pattern in CUCM for meet-me number, which is configured for SIP Trunk, which is pointing to conductor. When we dial meet-me number from SX20 its keep dialing only , not answering. .. we dial from web interface of sx20 it shows 6499@ dialing.

in this situation do i need to split the dialed number 6499@ from cucm ? how SX 20 will forward call to conductor & in which format conductor should accept calls 6499@ or 6499 ?


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When you placed the call, did

When you placed the call, did you enter '6499' or '6499@' into the SX20? It should be the former, CUCM should have a route pattern and SIP trunk (not a SIP Route, just a normal Route Pattern). Also, make sure you have followed the steps outlined in the deployment guide for Conductor with CUCM.

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Hello Jonathan,Thank for

Hello Jonathan,

Thank for replying.

Problem has been resolved. Issue was in my trunk configuration between Condcutor & CUCM only.

My conductor was configured for TCP protocol & my CUCM was configured as TLS (sip trunk security profile).

I configured both on same protocol & it worked.


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