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CUCM 9.1(2), VCS Control, VCS Expressway - Integration with URI dialing and Mobile & Remote Access

I have a BE6K setup with VCS X.8.1, but URI calls from CUCM registered endpoint (Jabber for Windows, Jabber for MAC or 8945) can't call VCS registred endpoint (SX.20) or external URI's.

I have followed the integration guide for CUCM 9.x and X.8.1 for SIP trunk, but changed the SIP port used by the trunk because it couldn't be the same as Mobile Remote Access (MRA).

The MRA integration works fine from inside and outside. We use Jabber clients for Win, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone.

If i call from an external endpoint (another company) to an endpoint registered on CUCM, I get video (not on Android thru MRA) and it works fine.

Anyone done this type of integration with MRA and SIP trunk?



SIP Route Patter set for local.domain and customer.domain

SIP trunk set with SIP Profile for VCS

Route Pattern set for 900X

Log in RTMT says 503 Service Unavailable when calling from CUCM endpoint.


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Do you have a physical

Do you have a physical endpoint registered on CUCM to test with - just to get any Jabber configurations out of the equation for testing? Have you enabled SIPURIDialling for Jabber? Do you see the call get to the VCS: This can be checked by going to Status -> Calls -> History and see if the call got to VCS. If it didnt, i would check CUCM logs more. 

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Dear RonnyWe are deploying

Dear Ronny

We are deploying the VCS solution using the BE6K at the customer site, BE6K has came up with the latest applications (CUCM10.5, VCS-Expressway 8.X etc,.)


Since it is my 1st deployment for VCS i am bit confuse how do go about achieving the same, below are my query please help.

1. We have two BE6K servers and it is showing VCS-Expressway in both the server, what about VCS-C (is there any tweaks or keys needed for VCS-C)

2. Can we connect VCS-E also in inside network (reason because the situation here is we cannot connect the anything to DMZ)


Need complete details of VCS-C and VCS-E deployment using BE6K.


Thanks in advance.





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