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CUCM Complete Integration with MXP Series


Please i need your answer for the complete integration for the CUCM with the MXP series (MXP 8000, MXP 6000 profile , MXP1700, MXP150 ,..etc) and if there's a supported document telling like that ? and what's the steps for integration between them ?


Thanks alot


There is no native

There is no native integration between CUCM and MXP. You can try to register as a 3rd party SIP phone but thats going to be best effort. There are promos which you can leverage to trade-in these older MXPs for something newer if you want to go down that route.

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Hi George , Thanks for your

Hi George , Thanks for your reply... if i tried to register the MXP on CUCM as third party, what it'll lose as features . I mean as video , audio calling. far-end cam control ..etc


Unfortunately I dont know the

Unfortunately I dont know the answer to it because i havent tried it. I think you should be able to get audio/video but FECC/adhoc conferencing etc might be hit/miss. 

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