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CUCM -> Conductor -> Telepresence Server: How to configure Audio Entrance Tone or Message?

Dear Support Community,

i have the following Installation:

CUCM Version 10.5(1)

Telepresence Conductor Version XC2.3

virtual Telepresence Server Version: 4.0(2.8)

EX60 TC 7.1.4

Cisco 9971, Firmware 9.4(1)SR1

Some Other Phones (7962, 6941)

All Endpoints are Registered to CUCM.


is it possible to create an Audio Entrence Message like "You are the first participant in this Meeting..." or at least a "Beep" When participants join the meeting?


the same would be nice for Participents leaving the Meeting, most importent for Audio-Only Participants.


or is it possible to add in a text Message for all Video Participants to notify about new Audio-Only Participants (i know that there is a parameter that shows a "1" at the top left corner to show Audio Only participants. )

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I have a different config but

I have a different config but the exact same issue.  We have started to see users embrace audio only for our rendezvous service and our number one complaint is that people don't know if they are successful in joining the call.

Does anyone know if the Conductor or Telepresence Server API's support an entry tone?  I've looked through the guides but didnt see anything.



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Well this is odd.  I am the

Well this is odd.  I am the one who posted the previous comment but it posted as another user!  Weird.  

Anyway this is Matt and I am the one with the same problem on another config.  I am going to submit a feature request for this.  


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Any luck with a solution, we

Any luck with a solution, we have the same issue, users are confused entering and only when they starting hearing another person "couch" they realise they are connected.

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Hello Michael, well the new

Hello Michael,


well the new Telepresence Server has a feature which displays an avatar image for every audio-only participant, so for my customer the audio entrence tone is not so importent at the moment, but would still be nice. i have no news for this feature.

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