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CUCM Registered Endpoints switch to auto answer off automatically

Has anyone experienced CUCM Registered Video Endpoints switching auto answer off?

According to the Software versions TC7.0 and Cisco Unified CM 9.1.2 guide TC7.1.4 - "The auto answer settings provisioned in Cisco Unified CM are ignored by the endpoint and must be set on the endpoint."

However, after I configure this from the Web interface or SSH "xConfiguration Conference 1 AutoAnswer Mode: On", I am still seeing endpoints that occasionally come back with it turned off.


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I am having this EXACT same

I am having this EXACT same problem. The documentation for TC7.0 on UCM 9.x says it will not happen, but I am seeing different. CUCM is changing auto answer and many other settings on the endpoint. I am wondering it that is a TC7.2 change.

The change occurs anytime it reprovisions to CUCM or reboots. If you remove the provisioning server after the initial provision, it does not change the settings.

Another interesting note is that it changes the setting regardless of system password. I have tried a blank password, "1234" and our company standard. In all 3 cases CUCM will modify auto-answer on every reboot.

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I have engaged TAC on this

I have engaged TAC on this issue.

My Active Version of  CUCM is

Per defect CSCuo69678, CUCM presently does not have an auto answer setting for TC7.1.x endpoints. This means that without this feature, CUCM will always provision the endpoint with an auto answer setting of "Off" each time the endpoint is rebooted or reprovisioned. A new device package for CUCM should be available with the release of TC7.2 with the fix for this issue.

Option 1:

For my environment I need to download software for SX20 and MXG2 Series to be used with CUCM  cmterm-s52010tc7_2_1.cop.sgn"  and software for C series, EX Series MX200 and MX300 (not G2) to be used with CUCM  "cmterm-s52000tc7_2_1.cop.sgn". I will apply the new 7.2.1 files to a couple of systems in my environment and see if this resolves the issue.

Option 2:

If this does not resolve the issue then I will apply Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.1(2.13058) Device Package - "cmterm-devicepack9.1.2.13058-1.cop.sgn" which requires a reboot to each server in the cluster.

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Looks like 7.2.x is also

Looks like 7.2.x is also breaking phone book. 7.1.4 had phone book server set to TMS and it was fine. Switched to 7.2.x, rebooted, redefine TMS, nothing.

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Aaron,I am not experiencing


I am not experiencing the issue with the address book. To clarify I am using CUCM which adds the fields to specify an alternate address book.

I am also running TMS 14.4.2.




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I'm running TMS 14.5

I'm running TMS 14.5

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We also experienced the phone

We also experienced the phone book issue.

I have confirmed and can duplicate the issue.

Production Running CUCM Version

I have tested  with TC7.2.1 with five of our C40 rooms. 

Each system has been upgraded from CUCM, obtained the new firmware, rebooted and Auto Answer “On” enabled from the CODEC.

When restarted from CUCM Auto Answer returned to “off”. When restarted from Codec Auto Answer returned to “off”. 


*NEW issue introduced with TC7.2.1 : TMS Phone Books are missing even after I ensure that this system has been provisioned to use Cisco TMS phone books in Cisco Unified CM before adding them.


TAC suggested Cisco Device Package 9.1(2)(12045-1)

Test Environment with Cisco Device Package 9.1(2)(12045-1)

Adds support for the use of the following configurations:

  • Auto Answer configuration
  • Default Volume
  • Max. Total Downstream/Upstream Rate
  • System Name

All of these fields appear in the phone configuration window with the exception of the Auto Answer configuration.


I have been working closely with TAC and they are trying to gather more information related to this issue. I will will let you know of any finding as soon as Cisco can get this figured out.



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Hi Keith,did you find a

Hi Keith,

did you find a solution with TAC for the missing Auto Answer field?

Thank you,


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I believe our issue is

I believe our issue is resolved.

CUCM Version with device pack “cmterm-devicepack9.1.2.13058-1.cop.sgn”  seems to have fixed our issues. That and upgrading all of our endpoints to 7.2.1.

After applying the device pack, I went through and configured the line settings to auto answer for selected Video endpoints, C40's, C60's and MX series rooms...I have a mix of 90+ endpoints all running TC7.2.1 now.

We rebooted our CUCM cluster over the weekend and the Auto Answer option remained on for all  endpoints selected to do so and our address books remain provisioned for TMS .




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Thank you, Keith!

Thank you, Keith!

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