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CUCM & VCS. Endpoint shows simonov@<ip of cucm> instead

Hi. My calltrace

E20(TE4.1.3)-->VCS(8.1)-->CUCM(10)-->Jabber for windows(9.7)

When I call by SIP the Incoming number is It is OK. When I call by h323 the Incomming number shows simonov@<ip of cucm>

My settings. VCS: Interworking is ON, sip domain:, name: ca, Zone type:neighbor, h323:off, sip on, transport tcp, zone profile CUCM (8.6.1 or later)

CUCM. Enterprize param/Clusterwide Domain Conf. Top Level, Cluster

SIP Trunk. Call classification:OnNet, Standart SIP Profile For Cisco VCS, Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile, Normalization script: vcs-interop

Device/Phone. Name:CSFLIMONOV, SIP Profile: Standart SIP Profile For Telepresence Endpoint

I broke my head with this problem. Can anybody help me?

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Your description is confusing

Your description is confusing on which way the call is going.  

Based on your diagram, your E20 is "simonov" and the Jabber client is device you are calling, correct?


If that is the case;

1)  Is the VCS Zone configured with the FQDN of the CUCM Cluster, or the IP's of the nodes?

2)  How many search rules do you have and what do those look like?  Are they stripping and replacing or forwarding...etc?

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