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Custom Softbuttons using Actions

I'm webbed into a C20 and I noticed there is a way to program the softbuttons using actions.  Does anyone know what command/format this field is looking for?  I'm ultimately looking to turn one of the softbuttons to do the same as the "select configuration" softbutton does once you get to advanced configuration.  We use the configuration profiles at my organization a lot and I'm just trying to find a way that I don't have to dig way into the menu to switch between configs.

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I looked and I didn't see a

I looked and I didn't see a way to make one of the softbuttons go directly into the system configuration menu.  You can program actions, however I don't think that particular item has an action command.

One quick way to get into system configuration is doing the following though.  When the home menu is displayed on the screen (the very first menu), hit the 5th most right softbutton, then the 4th second from right softbutton.

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