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Demo setup on client premises


I'm tasked with setting up a demo environment on a production client's network, we will just install 3 end points, most likelly SX20s for ease of deployment, my question is:

What is the simplest and most effective scenario to deploy the units?

They have a production CUCM cluster, not sure if we can touch it, or want to at this point.  Besided the obvious shortcoming, could it be as simple as deploying the units on DHCP, and dialing via IP address??


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Demo setup on client premises

From what i have understood; if you are just trying to demonstrate the endpoints then yes you could have DHCP assign IP addresses and dial the endpoints using the IP Addresses.

Also, SX20 comes with Multisite; so you should be able to conference all three endpoints.

This is the simplest form. If you are trying to demonstrate routing and management part then you will need VCS and TMS as well.

Hope this helps !!!!

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Demo setup on client premises

SX20 able to initiate the call by IP address base for H323 therefore as Rizwan mention in above, the simplest method for quick demonstration is

  • Install three SX20 with DHCP (if DHCP server is available), but make      sure no Ethernet speed mismatch (either 10M-Full, 100M-Full, or 1000M).
  • Make sure call setup mode is set to “direct” not “gatekeeper”      (xConfiguration H323 Profile 1 CallSetup Mode: direct)
  • Configure local phonebook on each SX20 (with IP address, H323 as      protocol and BW)
  • Make a demo call using phonebook entry (instead of typing IP address      to make a call), and multisite call.

You should demonstrate presentation feature as well while in call and show different layout display.

Cisco Employee

Re: Demo setup on client premises

BTW, if customer is looking for call administrative demonstration, please consider to use VCS.

You may prepare VM VCS and demo with demo license (1 traversal, 1 non-traversal and 3 reigstration).

The ova file for VM VCS is available from  (

This allow to demo bandwidth control, flexible call process configuration, etc (For demo purpose, VM VCS may run on laptop).

Also able to show alias base call initiation (H.323 ID, E.164 alias call for H323 and URI base call for SIP)

If you need to show 3 sites multisite connection using demo VM VCS license, you may connect first point-to-point call as native call (i.e. H323-H323 call) then add additional site as interworking call (i.e. H323-SIP) which VM VCS demo license allow to connect 2 calls.

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