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Dialing Issues with Tandberg 3000 MXP

I am a VTC technician and I mainly work on Tandberg's. I am currently working on a customers issue on their Tandberg in which she is able to make successful calls at 128k and 384K. However, whenever she tries to make a 256k call, it automatically tries to connect at 384K instead. The default call settings are currently set to AUTO and it is saved this way.

I have tried to complete a 256k call in my customers VTC room by adding #4#4 at the end of the phone number without any luck and I have also tried to set the default call settings at 256K and this did not work. All other call settings are set a the factory default, which is the way it should be, so I am not sure what else could be the issue at this point. I do not believe it is a line issue because I would not think that I would even be able to complete a 384K call if there was an issue with the lines. So I was curious if anyone else has ever experienced this issue and/or knew a possible solution?

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Dialing Issues with Tandberg 3000 MXP

Is the entry present in the phone book or the call history? I noticed MXP systems sometimes behave a bit strange around that. A reboot before trying can be worth a test.

What do you expect to happen when using #4#4 as the siffux?

Besides that could you tell us a bit more about the deployment? Like which software versions are used,

what call controls, what are the bandwidth/links/pipe settings there whats the remote endpoint, how is everything managed, ... (and are these IP or ISDN calls?) ,...

I would try it with the latest versions and use the command line to dial out and check the xstatus

and also the call controls which call speed is signeled and whats the bitrate over the line.

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Dialing Issues with Tandberg 3000 MXP

The entry is not present in the phonebook, no numbers are saved in the phone book. And I am dialing different numbers, I have even tried it in a loopback, and I am still experiencing the same issue. I have also already rebooted numerous times and individually rebooted some of the equipment that I thought may be causing the issue.

On an Adtran (which is not what this individual has, she has an NT1 Box) or when you dial #4#4 at the end of the number you are dialing, it will dial out at 256K. Just like if you dial #4#6 it will dial out to 384K. It's just something to use instead of changing the setting in the Tandberg if you wanted to change the bitrate of your call.

This is an ISDN call, not sure what the software version is that is being used.

As for why I am trying to dial out at 256K, it is because my customer was put into a conference and AT&T had to downspeed the majority of the sites in the call due to lack of bandwidth. When she tried dialing out, it wouldn't let her dial 256K, it automatically went to 384K, even after she hard set the settings on the Tandberg to 256K.

As of now, I am having the telephone technicians take a look at the lines in order to see if they see an issue on their end that may be causing the problem. Hopefully it is something with the lines since I have not been able to determine any other setting that would be causing this in the Tandberg.

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Dialing Issues with Tandberg 3000 MXP

So is the problem with the NT1 and/or the Adtran connected? Does this happen with other codecs using these same BRI lines? Can someone call into the system at 256K? Have you looked at the system logs to see what is happening?

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Dialing Issues with Tandberg 3000 MXP

I agree with Martin that it could be you have that number in your directory and it is set to 384K. Either delete the directory number or make sure it is also set to 256K.

Why would you want to connect to 256K? If the remote site is only 256K then your side would auto negotiate the call rate. If she was doing a multisite call then it would again auto negotiate the call rate.

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