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DNS records for vcs

Hi everybody,

maybe just a stupid question: with just one vcs expressway (so not a cluster), have I to use DNS SRV records or DNS Type A record is enough?


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DNS records for vcs

I'd still put them in, as they tend to make life easier and things like Movi look for certain SRV records to help them out. i.e. if you provision TurnServer = for Movi templates in TMS, when TMS starts up it will then look for _turn._udp. so having this in place as a SRV record makes things work a bit easier

DNS records for vcs

I would use both since some clients doesn't support A record look-up, and some people might have "include A record" turned off on their VCS-E or equivalent.


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DNS records for vcs

Hi Fabrizio,

in my view you should have those srv records. if you don't then you can still make calls using somthing like (alias/E.164)@.

for me it adds another step to perform a transform on vcs if i have registered my endpoint with alias@domain format.

also as guy pointed srv records are also makes things easier for movi/jabber provisioning.



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DNS records for vcs

I’d recommend to configure SRV record even single VCS deployment (and also require A-record for SRV) because you can specify what transport protocol to be used for call negotiation.

If you look for additional SRV record information, please refer to

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