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DTMF tones - Cisco MX200/300 with Cisco touchpanel

When using the cisco touchpanel and an MX200 or any other codec for that matter, what commands are used for entering DTMF tones?

Specifically, when connected to two calls looking for pin #'s, does the touchpanel use the DTMF command without the callid parameter and send the tones to all calls connected?



I'm trying to match up programming and would like to understand how the cisco branded panel handles DTMF.





First of all the MX series it

First of all the MX series it not an integrators product, so the intention is to keep it easy,

one part is to use the touchpanel for it.


As it runs TC I would assume it supports most of the API commands.

At least current endpoints support the command: DTMFSend


Check out the API guide of endpoints with the same software version, this could help you.


This is from a C60 with TC7.x:

If you need more info on how to use the http-api or xcommand-cli also check out the admin/api guides


DTMFSend commands

xCommand DTMFSend

Send DTMF tones to the far end.

CallId: The CallID is returned when the xCommand Dial command is run. During the call you can run the xStatus Call command to see the CallId.

DTMFString: Enter the DTMF string.

Requires user role: USER


CallId: <0..65534> DTMFString(r): <S: 0, 32>


xCommand DTMFSend CallId:2 DTMFString:1234 *r DTMFSendResult (status=OK):
** end



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