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New Member

DX80.. using SIP URIs to call into VCS..

Hi guys..

I've finally got our hands on a DX80 and Im now puzzling over how to configure it to receive/make SIP calls to VCS registered end points..


We are running...
VCS 8.2.1... this has EX90 endpoints registered...e.g.
CUCM 10.5.. this has DX80 endpoints registered and we've assigned some extension numbers...e.g 1001 and 1002

We can..
Make calls from the DX80 ( CUCM10 ) to the EX90s ( VCS ) using the SIP uri.. so dialling " " works.
Make calls from the EX90s ( VCS ) to the DX80 ( CUCM10 ) using the allocated extension number.. so dialling 1001 or 1002 works.. There is a search rule configured on VCS which matches and routes it towards CUCM10..


What I cant seem to do is get the assigned Directory URI ( in CUCM ) to work across the two environments..
So I have assigned these two Directory URIs in CUCM for our 2x DX80s.
1001 =
1002 =


The two DX80s can dial each other using their newly assigned URI as they are both in the CUCM environment..

However when I try dialling from the VCS environment, it fails and says there is no match.

I have tried creating a matching rule in VCS ( similar to what I did to get the extension 1001 and 1002 working ) to route this over to CUCM but it doesn't seem to match in the logs


In order to successfully call from VCS to CUCM, I have to revert back to using the assigned extension number.. ( 1001 or 1002 )..

Can someone please advise what I have missed please..


Many thanks.




If you have the search

If you have the search details for a failed call.


For me it sounds that you do not know where it fails, but thats the interesting part,

does the search hit, does it properly use the right zone to place the search and then

is the search successful or what does cucm answer.


The regular deployment guide for cucm and vcs should help you regards uri dialing.


Btw, why don't you move  the EX90 over to the CUCM as well, it would make more sense to me in general.

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New Member

Hi Martin,Thank you for the

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the reply..

The search rule on VCS does not seem to be hit, which seems strange as the original one set up to match the extension number does work..

ie.  ---> send to CUCM10 ... works and the DX80 endpoint rings and answers. ---> send to CUCM10... doesnt work and doesnt even seem to match when I query the VCS logs... ( just shows 404 Not found ).. and are associated as Directory URI and can be rung in the CUCM environment.. odd.


Regarding moving our EX90s into the CUCM world.. this is not desired as we would like to use TMS to continue remote management of our video endpoints..

New Member

Hi..Bit of an update since my


Bit of an update since my last reply..


I had another look at the search rules on VCS this afternoon.. Basically..

Dialling, hits the search rule on VCS which redirects it to the DX80 ( in CUCM land ) and our end point rings.

Dialling, does not seem to hit the search rule on VCS ( get the error, 404 Not found ) and therefore does not get routed to CUCM.. This is strange as it is basically the same as the rule Ive created for 1001.
** If it did manage to hit CUCM, I would expect it to resolve to the end point 1001, as Ive created a Directory URI associating the extension and SIP name..


As dialling seemed to work, Ive created a new translation search rule on VCS.. So..

Dialling now hits a search rule,which translates the entry to….

This then matches the other rule and correctly routes over to CUCM and our DX80 endpoint rings. !.

Again, this is odd as it does prove that a variation of the search rule does work , so I don’t understand why a simple reroute statement doesn’t work and we're having to do a translation instead !!..


So kinda working but a very messy way of doing it…. And also we'd have to assign a static routing entry for each DX80 endpoint..

Any ideas where I go from here please ?


Have you got something like

Have you got something like the following?

Search rule 1:

Priority 10

Pattern: .*
Behaviour: Leave
Target: Local Zone

Search Rule 2:

Priority 20
Pattern: .*
Behaviour: Leave
Target: CUCM Neighbour Zone


This way, the VCS should try to match anything to endpoints registered to your local zone, then if nothing matches route them to CUCM.

VIP Green

And technically, you should

And technically, you should escape all the "."s in the domain so it actually matches the actual "." and not "any character".  So the pattern should be .*@vc\.domain\.com

otherwise, it'll match any character in place of the ".", so something@vcQdomainRcom would also be a valid match on that rule.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
New Member

Hey everyone..Just thought Id

Hey everyone..

Just thought Id say that we've figured this out.. There was a setting in the CUCM SIP trunk which is not covered in the VCS-CUCM integration pdf document..

See screen shot.. as soon as I changed the setting, my URI started getting passed over correctly..


Thanks all for your various suggestions..

Hi,I think you are always


I think you are always matching search rule 1 and it stucks there.

try to change the search rule 1 to start with \d* instead of .* it might help.

one more thing in CUCM, did you assign the proper incoming calling search space to include Directory URI partition ?



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