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E20 Wallpaper/SCP

I've recently upgraded some E20s from version 3.X to version 4.1, however I don't seem to be able to SCP to the endpoints anymore to upload our corporate wallpaper...

Has the procedure for remotely uploading wallpapers changed?

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E20 Wallpaper/SCP

Hi Nick,

I believe the SCP method is never an officially supported method. In TE4.1, you can upload the custom wall paper via the USB stick.


E20 Wallpaper/SCP

At least SCP shall work to get debug logs from the endpoint :-)

Anyhow, Nick, are you using CUCM? I once tested it with an E20 and saw that SSH was disabled

after getting the provisioning. I did not check if that can be configured in CUCM, but at least I

endabled minde for ssh again, maybe that works for you as well, ...

You can check in the advanced settings of the endpoint or the webinterface if ssh is enabled,

as you need that for scp.

Besides that I have a TE4.1 E20 on my desk (not CUCM registered) and tried to upload a background

image which worked fine for me.

Good success,


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E20 Wallpaper/SCP

Martin - I think you are on the right track.  SSH was indeed disabled in CUCM.  I re-enabled it, however neither SSH or SCP work.  I should also note that I confirmed on the endpoint that SSH was turned on... however it still just says "connection refused" when I try to connect to it.  I can connect OK with Telnet once I manually enable it on the endpoint.

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