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Edge95 Gatekeeper Rejection

Hello -

We have a few Edge95 systems in one of our offices.  They are running the F9.3 PAL.   The VCS is registering it apparently, but the system is stating that it failed to register on the gatekeeper due to alternates.  On the VCS the system looks to be registering with 4 seperate E.164 Alias.  However I cannot determine in the Edge 95 codec where that is being set. 

This is the error -

Cause=H.235.5 Checksum failed


Can someone please point me in the right direction to set the systems to have only 1 E.164 alias.

VCS's are running at X7.2, pending the upgrade to X7.2.2.

TMS is currently at 13.2 version




Edge95 Gatekeeper Rejection

My first thought on such problems (especally if its a bunch of systems from just one location)

If there is something wrong with this specific location, especially the firewall.

So check your router / firewall / vpn or what ever active layer3 components you have there

if there is some intellegence regards voip (sip/h323) inside and disable that. Also check for

session timers if there is something unusual set up.

Besides that for new postings or if you need more help please specify more about the deployment,

like if its a VCS-C or -E, how the network in between the components looks like, if other locations work fine

and so on.

in general on h323 should only support one registration and

reject or kick out the others or reject them, so is it 4 different aliases or how is the behavior there?

Best is to take some screenshots, paste info from the registration history, ....

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Edge95 Gatekeeper Rejection

Thanks Martin.

I should have stated that there are 3 systems in the office.  One is connecting just fine, while the other two are showing a rejection on the endpoint and in TMS, although the VCS-C shows them registered. All the endpoints are running the same Software version F9.3 and all are on the same subnet. 

The fact that the endpoint gives a reject and the VCS-C shows a registration is a bit concerning. 

Here are some screen shots -

Endpoint summary


Gatekeeper setting from TMS --

Registration on VCS-C

What concerns me and I am not sure where it is configured on the Edge95 is the multiple alias's that the VCS-C seems to pick up from the endpoint, as the line above indicates. 

And from the Endpoint configuration -

The multiple alias is set to off and I am not sure where else it could be pulling alias's from.



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