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New Member

Endpoints Upgradation

Hi Experts

We are planning to upgrade the C series codec to the TC 7 software from TC5.Is it possible to direcetly upgrade the systems from TC 5 to TC 7 directly or i need to to upgrade first to TC6 and then to TC7.Please respond as we are planning for the bulk upgradation.




VIP Purple

You can do a direct upgrade. 

You can do a direct upgrade.  If you haven't already, obtain a TC6.1 release key from if it's under maintenance, if not under maintenance contact TAC with the openssl heartbleed security advisory.  Enter the release key into the codec, and when it prompts you to restart, just select no.  Then proceed with the upgrade, the upgrade will restart the codec anyway, so unless you want to restart after you enter the release key you can, but if you wait, you'll save yourself a bit of time since the software upgrade will perform a restart no matter what.

Btw, the reason I say to obtain a TC6.1 release key, is because after 6.1, release keys are no longer needed, only a valid service contract to download and upgrade the software post 6.1.

VIP Purple

I'd also advise you to read

I'd also advise you to read all the release notes from your current version to TC7.1.1 (current TC version).  Note, the behavior of selfview has changed in TC6 in regards to selfview and dual displays.

VIP Green

Hi Tarun,As Patrick has

Hi Tarun,

As Patrick has answered above, yes, you can go straight from TC5.x to TC7.x, skipping TC6.x.

+5 to the suggestion on reading all the release notes between the version you are on and the version you're going to.  As Patrick has mentioned, there are a number of things that have changed (selfview/dual display/root account disabled/etc.) - there's also some that aren't documented (ie websnapshots have been disabled in Standby more in the latest TC7.1.x releases) - so it's best to do some serious testing in your environment with one device before rolling it out to everything.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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