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Error "Normal unspecified"

There was a scheduled conference via Tandberg Scheduler with 8 Participants

1 VC Endpoint and 7 MOVI (Jabber 4.3) Users.

Only the VC and myself was connected on the call and TMS showed error "normal unspecified" as it attempted to call the other parties.

All participants were logged on and awaiting for the call but never came.

Deleted the conference via TMS and created a new one adding all same participant and same result.

Attempted to make the calls manually via Phonebook but VC provide error as tried to call me "user does not exist" despite being available on phone and being logged on and ready to answer (Showing as online)

Anyone experience this issue before?

This was all working last week and there was a some changes made by CISCO tech on the Provisioning "Configuration" settings but not sure if it is related as it was to resolve another matter.

Please help!

Thank you

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Error "Normal unspecified"

Hi Hugh

I´m just thinking that there could be many reasons for the call to fail. I would take a look on the VCS in the eventlogs and do a debug log if necessary but check the obvious stuff first like that registrations are ok, what protocol is being used when dialing and is interworking enabled on the VCS?

Can the jabber units dial the VC unit? Can you dial the jabber users by specifying sip as the protocol in front of the address (not selecting it from the phonebook but typing it manually)? I have seen an issue like this when the bandwidth for the phonebook entry is specified too large for the VC unit to handle. Ok... now we are getting on deep water here.

If you can´t find anything obvious, I would recommend you to open a TAC case.


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Error "Normal unspecified"

Hi Magnus,

Apology for the late response.

I escalated this case at the time to our Vendor and Cisco tech found that there was an issue with our configuration.

Find me was enabled although we did not have a license for this. This caused all of our MOVI use unavailable to contacted direct or scheduled.

Once disabling the feature all users we able to be called again.

Thanks for your response.



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