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EX 60 early boot failure

Hi Folks,

I have an EX60 that looks as it is having an early boot error.  The amber light blinks at power up, the Cisco logo does not appear and it fails before a DHCP address can be assigned to the unit.  I have factory defaulted the unit with no luck.  Any other options or suggestions on how I can bring the unit back to life?  It has a usb plug in back can it boot from a software image on the stick by chance?  Thanks for your support in regards to my question.


EX 60 early boot failure

The question would be if dhcp fails or if a static ip is assigned or there is some other

user or system error causing this behavior.

If its an older software unit no Cisco logo might be shown.

Try a factory default reset first, its also handy to have a switch with a monitor port (or even a hub)

to see whats going on on the ethernet wire (like using wireshark).

How to do a factory default reset:

The Ex60 should also have a console port where you can monitor the boot process, its not

rs232, but ttl level with a special pin out, so you need a special cable.

Its possbile to build it yourself, and at least on my ex90 it works great:

If all this did not work out for you and you do not get a good answer and you have a service contract

consider of escalating this thread as a service request to TAC

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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