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EX-60 losing registration

Howdy Netpros! I have a strange one here...

We have a home based user on an AT&T U-verse connection. She has an 891 router with a DMVPN connection back to our network. She has both an EX60 and a 9971 connected to her 891 router registered to a 9.1.2 CUCM. Both phones register fine, but when she gets on a call with the EX60, it will work fine for 10 minutes or so then all of the sudden, the call will drop and both the EX and the 9971 will go unregistered. I can get them back up by pulling her WAN connection out of the Gig 0 port of the router and plugging it back in...strange I know.

I have now had her disconnect the power from the EX and she has been using the 9971 now for a full day without it dropping the registration once. So has anyone seen an EX cause these kind of issues? I also noticed that the DMVPN tunnel stayed up according to the router lights and the head end router, but I was unable to SSH into the router remotely.

5 stars for possilble solutions or troubleshooting steps! Thanks!



EX-60 losing registration

HI ,

need few more information

1. capture xconfig, xstatus and xhistory logs from ex90 unit using putty.

2. is this issue is vice versa, means when 9971 calls to EX90  ?

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EX-60 losing registration

I will have to wait until outside business hours to capture logs as I have had her power off the EX to keep her 9971 working. The issue has apparently happened even when not on a call. She said she came into her office yesterday morning and both phones were unregistered. Thanks for your reply.



EX-60 losing registration

well xconfig SIP and xstatus SIP will give us more information along with log.tar.gz from codec.

i am not sure why 9971 is doing it but we can definetly check EX90 cause.


EX-60 losing registration

please try to capture xstatus SIP and xconfig SIP in both scenario

  • when device is registered
  • when device is shown as unregistered
New Member

EX-60 losing registration

Hey Brett,

Get her to power up Ex 60 and make a Audio only call from Ex 60 and see if that works.

update us with the outcome.

// Vikram

EX-60 losing registration

Hi Brett,

first thing i would advice to check if you have any packet inspection on firewall? this kind of issue can arise when the registration refresh doesn't happens properly or timeout.

so check for any tcp/sip/h.323 inspection. Also as you said the end customer is coming over VPN i think a packet trace on the firewall is important here and can help you in quickly resolving the problem.

Mostly the problem is related to the network i feel.



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