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Export TMS movi client list

Dear All,


The current TMS version is 13.2, anyone knows how to export all the TMS movi users?


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Hello Benjamin -Take a look

Hello Benjamin -

Take a look at the TMS 14.4 admin guide, p210.  I checked the TMS 13.2 admin guide, but it doesn't have the detail as the newer admin guides, however it's all the same process.  The steps are a bit vague, but you should be able to figure it out, if not, let us know and we can help.

Hi Benjamin. The question

Hi Benjamin.


The question first should be if you run TMSPE or the legacy OPENDS style of provisioning and then what kind of info do you need / what are you going to use it for.


What Patrick pointed out is the info on how to get the uris from the provisioning phonebook.

Is this enough for you to get the URI and the Display name or do you need more info?


If this is not enough you can on OPENDS quite easy via an LDAP tool.

Check out


You could try to use an SQL tool to get info out of the TMSPE msDQL DB



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Below is the data that will

Below is the data that will be exported using the method noted in the TMS admin guide as well as the TMS online help.

Name, ISDNNumber, ISDNNumber2, ISDNBandwidth, Restrict, Telephone, SIP, H.323, IPBandwidth

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Are the MOVI/Jabber users

Are the MOVI/Jabber users being built manually in TMS or are they imported from AD?

We created a group in AD and then do an import in to TMS...... Not easy to setup if you are not familiar with AD, but it works great once established

I used the MS Users and Computers module to manage the group membership and then used it to create a saved query that allows me to do an export of the AD group that I open in Excel...

hope this helps



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