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Expressway, VCSE and BE6K

Dear Member,

VCS in version 8.1 now, some customer would like to have CUCM with vpnless remote jabber and 3rd party video end point register.

I check with the BE6K, it come up with the following license:

  • LIC-VCS-10+ (Video Comm Server 10 Add Non-traversal Network Calls)
  • LIC-VCSE-5+ (Video Communication Server - 5 Traversal Calls).

My first ideas is buy 2 x BE6K server,

1 for CM,VCS and 10+10 Non-traveral Lic

1 for VCSE and 5 + 5 Travesal

Unfortunately, VCSE requires LIC-VCSE-E license.

I further check on it and this license cannot seperate to order.....(Please let me know if you find it)

If using CTI-VCS-EXPRESS-K9 the result will be increase too much on cost.

Have anyone have this ideas before and should work or trap?

My second ideas is coming Express C + E (seem it is free) and VCS

Express C + E for vpnless remote jabber and

VCS for 3rd party video end point.

UCM for Jabber and IP phone,

Seem this should work but increase too much intergation and management, but normal CUWL and 2 x BE6K can fit those base requirement.

Any comment/other option and ideas ?

For the Cisco Expressway Rich Media Session License

(Required  for concurrent calls to/from any endpoint or application not registered  to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. For example, Business to  Business Calls, Jabber Guest Calls. Also required for interworked calls  e.g. H.323 to SIP, H.264 AVC to H.264 SVC)

Remote Jabber call to CM register PSTN Gateway will count the license?



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