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External calls to TelePresence Server 310 fail with "Closing call due to failed reINVITE"

Hi all,

I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with inbound video calls to a TelePresence Server 310 via Expressway. The call fails.

Inbound calls to CODECs registered to CUCM work fine.


The scenario is:

VCS Expressway X8.1.1 in DMZ
VCS Control Internal X8.1
TelePresence Conductor XC2.2
TelePresence Server 310 3.1.(1.95)
CUCM 9.1
TMS 14.3.2 for scheduling

There is a traversal zone configured between the VCS Control and Expressway
There is a SIP Trunk / Neighbor zone from CUCM to VCS Control
There is a Neighbor zone from VCS Control to Conductor
Conductor manages the TelePresence Server 310

Calls from SX20's, EX90's, and 9951 video phones into the TP server from CUCM work fine.
Inbound calls from the Internet to the video endpoints registered to CUCM work fine.

Inbound calls from the Internet to the TelePresence Server are failing.

The TP Server has the following error:

Incoming call
1806    07:24:39.947     APP    Info    call 129: new incoming SIP call from "dana.tong"
1807    07:24:40.084     APP    Info    call 129: now joined conference "5993"
1808    07:24:51.813     SIP    Error    Closing call due to failed reINVITE
1809    07:24:51.813     CMGR    Info    call 129: disconnecting, "ex60" - service unavailable
1810    07:24:51.813     APP    Info    call 129: tearing down call from "ex60" - destroy at far end request; unavailable
1811    07:24:51.813     SIP    Error    BYE transaction failed due to network error

The VCS Control has a 503 Service Unavailable.

Unfortunately I do not have full VPN access to obtain a packet capture on the VCS Control / Expressway.

Are there any initial troubleshooting things I can look for that might help with this fault? I don't think it's a firewall / Expressway issue. Unless the firewall is blocking the re-invite?

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This problem was resolved by

This problem was resolved by changing the peer for the traversal client to be the Public IP of the Static NAT.



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Hi , I have same issue any

Hi ,


I have same issue any solution

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