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Feedback option key on Edge95

I have a question what is the feedback option key on Edge95.Anybody know it please help me


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Re: Feedback option key on Edge95

Hi Nattapong

There is no feedback option key on the Edge. These are the various types of keys for MXP :

  • IP Bandwidth Key
  • ISDN Bandwidth Key
  • Release Key
  • Option Keys (Like Dual Display, etc)

Could you please let us know where did you find this name "Feedback Option Key".


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

Feedback option key on Edge95


The 'Feedback' key is only required for the proper functionality of the 'Synch' product.  It allows the codec to output information not normally available outside of integrator codecs.



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Justin Ferello
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Feedback option key on Edge95

Never heard about it +5 :-)

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Feedback option key on Edge95

In general, Edge MXP is not design for integration therefore “xfeedback” is not available on API like T3000MXP/T6000MXP support.

For specific special integration, by adding feedback option key (xConfiguration OptionKey Special: < 0="">), Edge MXP coded to support additional feedback feature to integrate with external device, like solution Sync/Whiteboard.

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Feedback option key on Edge95

Dear all

Thank you so much I know all option like you but I bought cisco telepresence synch intregate with smart board from tac told me " You have feed back option key already" that make me confuse because I know Edge 95 is full option not another option anyway thank you for help

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Feedback option key on Edge95

Just clarify the option key for Edge MXP.

MXP only take “one” 16 digits key for each option configuration (feature, bandwidth, and special).

Feature (xConfiguration OptionKey Features): either “no option”, “NPP only” or “NPP + Multisite”.

Bandwidth (xConfiguration OptionKey Bandwidth): either “IP only”, “IP + ISDN” or higher bandwidth range of “IP + ISDN”.

Special feature (xConfiguration OptionKey Special): feedback for integration product

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