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GW 3610 use transcoding


I have configured some AM GW 3610 (1.1.34) with VCS control x7.2.2 (findme) and Lync 2010, but right now everytime a Lync user places a call to another Lync user AM GW transcoding resources are used and I can see up to 8 or 9 active calls to same user, it means same source and destination this error is affecting right calls, obviously this should not happen because AM GW only uses resources to calls from Lync to telepresence endpoint or endpoint to Lync client. How can i solve this?

AM GW call capacity (10 HD calls)

I appreciate your help.


GW 3610 use transcoding

Hmm, this should not happen in general.

A lync2lync call should not get forked throuh the vcs.

But sure if you use findme and gets called on lync he call would hit his address.

Can you see if its somehow the same call looping or is it some older hanging calls?

Is this a fresh install or some old setup which did not used the b2bua,

so you still might have a cpl running?

Check your search rules and fineme mappings if this causes some loops

and also check on the lync install.

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GW 3610 use transcoding

Hi Martin,

I talked with my customer and he told me that findme is configured in VCS and when he or she places a call from Lync2Lync this call arrives to VCS.

This is a old setup with B2BUA already configured, i have just integrated AM GW 3610 and my customer don't have any CPL.

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