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Has anyone monitored the C-Series CODECs using Cisco Media Services Interface (MSI)?

Hey all,

After a webcast the other day on the Cisco Learning Network in relation to Video Surveillance Monitoring which demoed LiveAction (by Actionpacked), we asked some question as to whether this product would be useful in monitoring a videoconferencing network. The answer that came back is that certain endpoint (namely the C-series C40, C60 and C90 from TC6.0 and up) should support something called Media Services Interface (MSI) - as far as I understand it an API which can be use to monitor and generate flows in order to get a true end-to-end analysis. This is something to do with Cisco Medianet which is available on certain routers and switches (assuming of course you have eyes on the intermediary switches and routers). I would like also to query the VCSs, but I am unsure if they support this at this time.

Anyhow, I thought I would trial the software and see if it could give me a more informative view of the network beyond what I can glean from the media stats as seen on the VCSs. These are incredibly useful and at least show network segment where issues are occurring, albeit, scanning multiple VCS call logs and CODEC information is not intuitive or quick.

Still, I have tried to add an MSI endpoint into LiveAction, but LiveAction just tells me it can't connect to the device (in this case I have tried a C40 and C90, both running TC6.3). There is a setting:

Experimental --> NetworkServices --> Medianet Metadata

which I have set to ON, however, I am told by LiveAction support that there should be a user name and password setting as well, hence I can't log in to the service.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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I'm not familiar with

I'm not familiar with LiveAction at all but I have used the Cisco Prime Collaboration product quite a bit. This product uses the MSI interfce to discover media path for troubleshooting. In the deployment guide for the product it mentions the following:


The MSI credentials remain the same as http credentials for TC 6.0 and TE 6.0.

For TX 6.0 (legacy CTS) version the default MSI username is msiuser and the password is cisco.


Have you tried the HTTP user account for the C40 and/or C90?



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