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New Member

Help locking down E20

I have several tasks which I need help with. 

First, I have two E20's which I need to lock down so that the users can only access the Home/Directory/History tabs.  I don't want the user to have access to any of the Menu items.  I have set the password on the unit, however that only locks out the Advanced settings.  How can I lock this thing down further?

Second.  I would like to prevent the users from being able to call any other endpoint besides those listed in the phone book.  I did some reading, and know that I need to set up "Zones", however beyond that I just don't know.  Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

I have a go live date of next wednesday on this project so the faster I can get responses, the better.

Thanks guys.

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New Member

Help locking down E20

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I have tried setting permissions in TMS to lock all settings in the endpoint, however that has not accomplished what I want.

Cisco Employee

Help locking down E20


there is currently no way to achieve what you want, you can only lock down the access to advanced settings.

New Member

Help locking down E20

Ok,  How about restricting the endpoints to only being able to call those listed in the phone book?  In the VCS, I have already set call policies for my two primary endpoint to be able to call each of the secondary endpoints.  Does this automatically restrict them from calling outside that call policy or do I also need to set reject policies?


Help locking down E20

Hi Norm,

CPL/Call policy uses an implicit allow for CPL processing, so in your case you would want to add an explicit reject at the bottom of your CPL script to block all calls not matching those in your accept/proxy sections.

- Andreas

Cisco Employee

Re: Help locking down E20

I assume you are using TMS to manage the E20's?

In regards to locking the E20 as teck mentions is not possible. However as an alternative you could look into keeping persistent configuration templates on the E20 so even if the basic settings are changed by the users TMS can reset them to a value defined in the config template ever day or so.

I guess the users wont change the setting if they know that its going to be reset anyway.

This is assuming you have tms and using this to manage the endpoint or are you provisioning the e20's using the vcs?

Its not going to acheive a lockdown but it might work as an alternative.


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