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Help with RegEx to extend (?!.*@%localdomains%).*

Hi All,

I have been looking over some previous discussions (such as, documentation (such as - which is very good BTW), and RegEx sites to see if I can com up with something to work for us.

The RegEx :


is used on the VSC-E search rule to forward URI lookups that do NOT have a SIP domain configured on the VCS. This is great but assumes that the search string is in a URI format usually accomplished by a transform in the VCS-E. At the moment we don't apply this transform as (in general), we route using the E.164 via the Global Dialling Scheme. In addition, the VCS-E is used as a traversal server to many VCS-C and potentially will host many SIP domains - so which one do I transform to?

The problem I have that without this domain conversion transform, the above RegEx actually matches non URI strings and the DNS search rule will be invoked. A DNS look for such a non domain would obviously fail but is pointless and time/resources consuming.

So I was wondering if ther was a way to construct the RegEx to not only fail when a string contains a domain as configured on the VCS (as above), but ALSO only to succeed when a valid URI is detected - i.e. some thing with an @ in it. I did come up with the following:


but unfortunately this name overrides the main part of the RegEx as, of course, the configured domain used in a URI will also have an @ in them.

E.g. We have two domains configured on the VCS - and

I need to ensure that the RegEx is ONLY true when a string contains a valid URI, but does NOT end in either and

So: -                Fail -          Fail -                     Success

     0123456  -                              Fail

Perhaps (and to maybe answer my own question), I should just add a transform anyway and turn all non URI searches into a configured dummy domain (i.e. I can essentially ignore and strip this if the string contains a transformed E.164 number and route as normal, yet the DNS search rule will be prevented from firing.

Anyhow, thoughts welcome.


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Help with RegEx to extend (?!.*@%localdomains%).*

To answer my own question (2), if I can out the OR in the RegEx above, it all works.



Re: Help with RegEx to extend (?!.*@%localdomains%).*

Hi Cris,

I didn't even have time to suggest you anything... rsrs.

Five stars to you for answering your own question.   =)


Paulo Souza

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