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How many VCS-Expressway can get connect to one VCS Cluster

i have a centeralised VCS-Cluster and a traversal zone created to local  VCS-Expressway from this Cluster. I am planning to put 9 new VCS-Expressway  in other 9 remote locations. So i would like to know is it possile to  create a traversal zone from all these remote VCS-Expressway to this  Centeralised VCSC Cluster???

If you have any document related to this please share it.


Nikhil Jayan

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How many VCS-Expressway can get connect to one VCS Cluster

I do not know much about your deployment, but often a local VCS-C is used with e loal VCS-E to keep traffic, yes, local.

In your deployment all media will be bound to the VCS-C cluster and if I see it right all VCS-C would make a traversal

client connection to the traversal servers on the VCS-Es.

This might affect the way your traffic flows. If you want to have multiple internet pops and then make sure to

use your internal MPLS towards a centralized location it can be fine.

But if you have the VCS-C cluster in Europe for example, an internal user in Brazil and the VCS-E in Brazil as well

the traffic would flow Internet (Brazil)

-> VCS-E (Brazil) -> transport net to VCS-C (can be internal mpls, internet, ...) Europe -> Endpint (Brazil)

So: Brazil -> Europe -> Brazil

If you expect something like Brazil>Brazil you would need a  VCS-C in brazil as well

Just look at the admin guide regards traversal zones and the cluster guide regarding clustering in general.

VCS documentation can be found here.

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How many VCS-Expressway can get connect to one VCS Cluster

Hi Martin,

I am planning to register all Video Endpoints from Brazil there in Brazil VCSE itself and have a Traversal Zone created from Brazil VCSE to Europe VCSC-Cluster. The same way i am planing to do the design for all other remote branches as well.

In this scenario the Europe VCS-Cluster will act as core for all other VCSE in remote branches.

I have an existing VCSE is already connected to Europe VCSC-Cluster.

My main concern is how many Traversal Server(VCSE which placed in Remote branches) can get connect to one Traversal Client(VCSC Cluster in Europe)??? is this possible or i need to have VCSC in all other remote locations as well.


Nikhil Jayan

How many VCS-Expressway can get connect to one VCS Cluster

9 shall be a peace of cake = no problem.

The admin guide does not define something special besides up to 1000 zones can be defined:

(snip from the x7 admin guide):

You can configure up to 1000 zones. Each zone is configured as one of the following zone types:

* Neighbor aconnectiontoaneighborsystemofthelocalVCS.

* Traversalclient thelocalVCSisatraversalclientofthesystembeingconnectedto,andthereisafirewall

between the two.

* Traversalserver thelocalVCSisatraversalserverforthesystembeingconnectedto,andthereisa

firewall between the two.
* ENUM thezonecontainsendpointsdiscoverablebyENUMlookup.

* DNS thezonecontainsendpointsdiscoverablebyDNSlookup.

But theory and praxis is not the same.

This deployment sounds a bit special and I would contact your Cisco partner to make you aware

of the possible media flow and license usage implications and think of further options/deployment modes.

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