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How to display the caller detail from the tandberg ISDN gateway

Dear all,

We have deployed Tandberg MCU, ISDN gateway and VCS in the network, and we would like to show the caller information of the ISDN endpoint to the MCU conference.

In our MCU conference page, we can observe the ISDN number of the oversea party ISDN gateway.

Can anyone provide some hints or related document?

Best Regards,


Cisco Employee

How to display the caller detail from the tandberg ISDN gateway


I'm not entirely sure if this is what you need here, but if you want the participants names to be displayed on the MCU layout, there is a setting on the Settings page and here you can set "Time to show participant names" > "always"


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How to display the caller detail from the tandberg ISDN gateway

Hi Cristian,

In the attached MCU page, there are two endpoints connected to the MCU through two different ISDN gateway.The participant name included the ISDN number and gatekeeper address in the top participant while the ISDN number is missed in the bottom participant.

Our team would like to confirm all the ISDN number can be display in the MCU page, can you provide some information on that?

Thank a lot,

Best regards,


How to display the caller detail from the tandberg ISDN gateway

Some remarks, on such questions its always handy to mention the exact hard and software versions.

This does not look like a Tandberg MCU, this looks like a Tandberg/Codian MCU (though the color is off).

You say you have two ISDN GW which behave different, especially then the first remark about the hs/sw versions counts.

In general you have mutliple fileds in h323 which carrie the caller id, like the h323id and the e164 number.

On the first call it looks both are set up the same number, on the second call it looks it only has only the

name ISDN.

There is an option on the VCS under VCS configuration > Protocols > H.323 called "include prefix".

This can also change the behavior on how calls are presented from your gateway, but please check

afterwards if your network still behaves as expected.

Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

Cisco Employee

How to display the caller detail from the tandberg ISDN gateway

HI Lai - Good afternoon.  On top of what Martin and Cristian have stated, this would be good information to have to see whats going on here.  Can you provide?  Is this inbound calls only that see this particular issue, or is this outbound as well?  Would be important to know to. 

On an inbound call to the GW, I setup my dial plan rule to send the call directly to my MCU conference.  When this occurs, and the inbound call call connects, the ISDN Carrier is sending the calling party number in the ISDN Q931 message setup.  When the ARQ is confirmed from the Gatekeeper, the GW will send Setup to the MCU.  In this particular message, you should see "Display Value = ", and if the carrier is truely sending the Calling Party Number, it should show in this display value parameter in the call setup towards the MCU.  You can see this here if you run H323 Log on MCU and see the following:




call_reference="253" call_reference_flag="SENT_FROM_ORIGINATOR"


information_transfer_capability="SPEECH" coding_standard="ITU-T"  transfer_mode="CIRCUIT_MODE" transfer_rate="64"  user_information_layer_1="H221_H242"


value="9999999999" <- The display value here should be populated on the MCU webpage on the one you specified previously. 

Some ISDN companies may not provide this information, so nothing gets put to this field at all and in turn may show what you are currently experiencing.  So one thing to ask the ISDN Carrier of the other ISDN GW is to try and find out if they are sending the calling party number in the ISDN Setup message, and if they are, then we may need to look a bit closer to see whats happening, but if they are not, would ask them to see if they can change this behavior for you to see if it gets to what you are currently trying to do.  Or, if your up to it, you can run h323 log on ISDN GW and post here to see if there is anything in the display name information field or if its even present.  If its not present, then the ISDN Carrier may not be sending you that informatoin for display in the call setup. 

Hope this helps. 



New Member

How to display the caller detail from the tandberg ISDN gateway

Dear Patrick,

Thank yoy for kindly answer.

It is exactly the solution that solved our case, the ISDN carrier is provided by service provider.

In the ISDN page, it shows the carriers inforamtion once the service is activiated.

We are appreciated for your kindly solution.

Best Regards,


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