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How to get Jabber for Telepresence to keep retrying a sign in

Hi All,

I might have asked this before but I can't find my original question. Does anyone know of a way to get Jabber of Telepresence to keep attempting to sign in if it losses a connection due to a network disruption or some such?

Whilst Jabber will attempt to sign in a few time during start-up or when a network connection become live, we have had numerous instances when Jabber simply does not connect during this phase so then just sits there waiting for a manual input. Most other clients similar to this that I know will continue to attempt a reconnection say every minute or 5 minutes so we re-sign back in if there was an outage.

How on earth can we can Jabber to do that?




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Hey Chris,Unfortunately there

Hey Chris,

Unfortunately there is no way to do this. The Jabber client will only try to reconnect for the set duration and then it will not continue to attempt to register again until prompted by the user.

I kinda figured so, so I will

I kinda figured so, so I will attempt a feature request. Of course, Jabber for Telepresence is it it death throws (or so we have been lead to believe for quite some time), but I'm guessing this will merge with the normal Jabber client for CUCM, so does this have this same odd working? We don't use CUCM so I have never really tested this client.





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