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how to get menu back on a C90 running TC6.3.2

If it says 'No HTTP response' that is TMS trying to hit it via the web protocols... community strings are not applicable.


First, ensure you can initiate TMS talking to the device via the TMS GUI. Goto a device in System Navigator, and do a 'force refresh' when viewing the settings. If the page refreshes without any errors, TMS can talk via HTTP or HTTPS (assuming a Cisco endpoint) to the endpoint. Yes, it will use both ports 443 (HTTPS) and port 80 (HTTP).


The status of the device should also change to reflect it can communicate to the device. (Idle, InCall, etc)


If that device then later drops to 'No HTTP Response' without any change to the endpoint... and you can do a force refresh and it changes again... This means TMS could not talk to the device during some background task. Tasks that happen in the background run in a different security and user context than actions taken by you navigating in the TMS GUI.


If it works when you are browsing the TMS GUI, but not when the background tasks do it... this is normally a proxy configuration issue.


Check with your network people if a proxy is required to communicate between TMS and the endpoints. Ensure authentication is not required.. if so, ask that TMS be added as an exclusion to the proxy authentication requirements.


If the proxy is required, the windows server may not be configured to use the proxy for service accounts (this is similar to the problem tha impacts Windows Updates).


Open a command prompt

>netsh winhttp show proxy


It will show if a proxy is configured at all.. You can configure your 'internet options' proxy settings in Windows/IE (which configure it for YOUR user.. not all users on the box) and then import those settings into winhttp


>netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

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