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How to provision E20?

Hi. I have installed TMS on domain member server, we have VCS Control and VCS Expressway set up.

I managed to provision Movi client, using domain user credentials, but trying to use same procedure for E20 doesnt work.

If i add E20 as device in TMS->Systems->Navigator, i have to specify VCS's localy added account. Using domain user account doesn't work (causes authentication error).

So, what is correct way to provision E20 devices?

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Re: How to provision E20?


Did you setup yhe provisioning extension or are Using the legacy tmsagent?

Did you upload the e20 configuration template?


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How to provision E20?

I have installed extension right after installing TMS.

Yes, i did upload E20 template, version 4.1.1 as SW version of E20 itself.

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How to provision E20?

Thanks to support.

Problem was that i have used domain accout password and, since E20 does not support NTLM, i had to use password, supplied when i was creating user account on TMS.

There was also TLS issue after that, but that's another story. Just disabled TLS for now.

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