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Inbound URI Dialling Support - CUCM / VCS Integration


Is it possible to route alphanumeric URI's directly into CUCM?


For example, if a client has rolled out Jabber for Windows and have integrated their CUCM with VCS-Control and their VCS-Control is peered with a VCS-Expressway sat on the internet. I already know that you can configure outbound URI dialing via this integration using sip route patterns in CUCM and search rules/zones on the VCS's.

Presuming all the URI Dialing DNS SRV records have been configured for the clients domain, should it be possible for someone on the internet to dial an alphanumeric URI and configure the VCS's to simply pass this to CUCM over the SIP trunk, CUCM should then resolve the Directory URI against the appropriate DN? Or would you need to manipulate this to <DN>@Domain before it is sent to CUCM, the only way i have been able to do this instead of creating individual transforms is by using findme.

Cisco documentation on the CUCM integration is still based on <DN>@Domain dialing.

Thanks, Simon 


Yep, that is possible with

Yep, that is possible with CUCM version 9.0 and above. You have a field called Directory URI under the Directory number section where you assign the alphanumeric URI to this extension and the phones assigned this extension will ring when the URI is called. You can also automatically sync user's email address/msrtcsipprimaryuseraddress using LDAP sync. 

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Thanks George,So once i have

Thanks George,

So once i have configured a SIP Trunk between the VCS-Control and CUCM, i can simply create a search rule associated with the CUCM SIP Trunk that basically says "" without any digit manipulation?

And CUCM will be able to handle this URI passed from VCS?

Thats correct, also make sure

Thats correct, also make sure that the incoming CSS on the SIP trunk has the partition of the Directory URIs. Also, make sure that in the Enterprise Parameter section, Clusterwide FQDN populated with

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hii, too have the similar


i, too have the similar problem

Except that i am using the Expressway instead of VCS

DId u manage to get it working?

I cant find any doc that specify uri dialing back to the SIP trunk - cucm

what syntax exactly should i be using


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