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Infrastructure without VCS

Hi Experts,

I have a Customer who has bought the below mentioned devices without VCS :-

1.) ISDN Gateway 3241

2.) TMS

3.) C 20 Endpoints

4.) MCU 4501

Although I know the endpoints can run on IP address only , and can call each other. 

My only question is how will they be able to use MCU , TMS and ISDN Gateway functionoality without VCS.

Any input regarding this will be much appreciated.

If you need any other info , please let me know.


Saurabh Gupta

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Re: Infrastructure without VCS


You could register the GTW and the endpoints on the internal gatekeeper of the MCU. You could define conference IDs on MCU and configure the rules on ISDN Gtw in order somebody to reach the conferences if they dial the allocated numbers on gtw. If you don't have VCS you will loose the SIP capabilities and the interworking, but anyway the above scenario could easily cover your customer VC needs. If you have special requirements from your customer, just let me know and we could see how to configure the equipments.

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Infrastructure without VCS

Both MCU and Gateway support auto attendance (IVR) where user can simply dial-into MCU/GW and connect specific conference/device or/and creating new conference using DTMF/FECC.

However without VCS (or Gatekeeper), customer will have limited methods.

TMS able to schedule conference call using MCU and let MCU to dial out Endpoint by IP address if deployment without H.323 Gatekeeper or SIP Proxy (i.e. using VCS).

However Cisco strongly recommend to deploy video solution together with call control infrastructure (VCS, CUCM, etc.).

Infrastructure without VCS

Hi Tomo/Valentin,

Thanks for your replies.

Will TMS also be able to call and schedule a conference between more than 2 endpoints in case I dont register those endpoints on MCU ( Internal Gatekeeper) and What about ISDN/IP Zones on TMS ? Will TMS smartly handle the call routing from IP to ISDN endpoints or do I need to do it on ISDN GW?

Any other consequences ?



Cisco Employee

Infrastructure without VCS

You may book the scheduling conference on TMS by adding external dial and specified IP address of Endpoint (or pre-registered Endpoint on TMS with IP address).

Call method will be MCU to dial out as Endpoint can’t dial-in to specific conference directly without registered Gatekeeper.

ISDN Zone can be define what is prefix/access for local/long distance call number.

And similar for IP Zone which can be define Gateway prefix and all other call method on specific location zone.

These zone configurations are available from Administrative Tools > Locations on TMS (and on-line help on TMS explain more detail).

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