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Install to new Rectifier


Someone know how proceed to install the rectifiers in the mse 8000 chassis ????. I have one alarm in the chassis about the capacity of rectifier and i view ( in the documentation ) that we need more rectifiers. Now, i buy the  rectifier and want install. I bought the rectifier and i want to install.

Please, i need help...

Best Regards!!!

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Install to new Rectifier

We did this recently when we added three new 8510 blades.

I would first make sure that the power supply monitoring is working...

Login to the web interface of the SUP blade

- Go to hardware, then power suplies

- This will tell you exactly how much poer is being drawn from each power supplu

- For this monitoring to work you need the serial connection from the Power supply chassis to the MSE8000 chassis and you need to enter the correct user name and password in the bottom of that same page.

- I have a total of 6 modules... three in each shelf and the draw in between 3.61 up to 4.41 with a capacity of 21

No special procedures to add the modules...

Each slot in the power supply chassis has its own input power cable (IEC type)

with the power coud unplugged... insert rectifier module.... then insert power cord and secure with clamp

There is no on/off switch on the module or chassis

I would check the SUP web page after the module is installed to make sure all is well

Note: There are lots of different versions of the Power Supply chassis made, but I believe that they ship the one with 4 inputs, each 120VAC

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