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Installing additional blade and power rectifiers

currently we have an existing Codian MSE 8000 Blade that already have 5 blades in total:

MSE Supervisor

HD Blade 8510 x 3

ISDN Blade

have 8 Power Rectifiers installed

we purchased 2 more additional 8510 HD Blades and 2 Power Rectifiers

I was able to find the installation instructions for the blades (seems very straight forward) but was not able to find the installation for the Power Rectifiers

Since we have 8 installed, 3 is not being utilized or powered on wondering if we need to install the additional two new ones?

thanks for your input


Cisco Employee

Installing additional blade and power rectifiers

Hi Anthony,

The number of power rectifier required depends upon the numbers of blades and their individual power requirements.

I don't exactly recall the power requirements for each blade. However you can do following.

-.Each blade and fan tray is labeled with current requirement that can be used together.

- Find out the total requirement by summing the current values from all blades and fan tray.

- Use these table.

Total current requirement (Amps)               Rectifiers required per power shelf

Up to 20A                                                                 1

Up to 40A                                                                 2

Up to 60A                                                                 3

Up to 80A                                                                 4

Hope this helps.


Cisco Employee
Community Member

Installing additional blade and power rectifiers

Even though your current power requirement can be managed by 3 rectifiers(Correct me if I am wrong , it is always better to add more (for redundancy, in case of failure of a live rectifier) . But yes.. installing/using all the power rectifiers of yours will result in large volume of power wastage. The link provided by Sagar will give you a better understating on the current power requirement.

Consultation with your Pre-Sales team will give you a better understanding on how to use the existing setup more efficiently.



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