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iPad and Mac presence on VCS

Hi guys,

does someone have a good explanation why cant´t we receive presence from jabber video on iPad and Mac in a Jabber Video for Win?

I know that the iPad do not support SIP SIMPLE, but why the PUA can´t generate they´re presence to other users?

The PUA can generate presence from H323 registration in URI format but not from iPad SIP registrations...

thanks in advance

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Re: iPad and Mac presence on VCS

Presence works fine for me with Jabber Video for Mac.

How do you register to VCS? Do you register from external over VCSE or just interal?
Have you enabled the Presence User Agent on VCS C and E and presence server on VCS C?

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Regards, Paul
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Re: iPad and Mac presence on VCS

Hi Paul,

the iPad i tested and verified myself and i still cannot realise why the PUA don´t generate iPad registration presence to others.

Regarding Mac, my colleague reported this status (I don´t have a Mac to test), but i´ll double check.

This net is using X7.2.2 on both VCS C and VCS E and all user registers at VCS E. PUA at VCS E and Presence Server+PUA at VCS C. Local Auth at VCS E.

Jabber for Win presence works fine, and VCS E PUA is working (i can see registration presence of an H323 device at VCS E).


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Re: iPad and Mac presence on VCS

Enable Diagnostic Logging on VCS-C and check if the Presence Message get to the VCS-C. The presence server needs authentication, otherwise the presence requests will fail. So could that be the cause?


Regards, Paul

Re: iPad and Mac presence on VCS

Hi Elter,

Jabber for ipad is more frequently used with cisco communication manager deployment and hence it uses xmpp for presence which is currently not supported on vcs, vcs uses SIP SIMPLE protocol for presence. so if you are not getting any presence for jabber ipad devices i am not surprised at all.

however jabber for mac should show you presence status and if you are not getting the presence then there would be someother issue.  As Paul mentioned start the diagnostic logs on the vcs and check what happens when user subscribe for presence information or open a TAC case.



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