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Is it possible to readout the serialnumber from Intouch device via SSH or Telnet?


my customer needs a solution to readout the serial number from all his Intouch devices. The codecs with the Intouch runs with several SW releases from 5.x to 7.x. and they are installed in many Europe countries.

I hope that you have any idea or solution for me :)


Best regards


VIP Purple

Something similar to this has

Something similar to this has been asked before, can't find the discussion, but from what I recall it isn't possible unless you go to each codec individually.  TMS isn't capable to getting information from connected devices such as the codec touch panels.  I suggest you contact your Cisco rep and see if they can get a feature request open for you to do this via TMS.

New Member

Hi Patrick,thanks for this

Hi Patrick,

thanks for this information. This is not so good for my customer.

What I´m not understand: Why can TMS or the Codec Webportal get the information from the camera and not from the touchpanel? I think, I will open a service request.

I not sure what version added

I not sure what version added this I think TC6.x but there is now a Configuration=>Peripherals section that has Touch Panel information with a Serial Number field.  All of the ones I was able to check at a customer site did not show the serial number. These were C40 with directly connected Touch.

So still no good news but it may be able to populate in a later release since they have already added this section and serial number field

At least my ex90 touch serial

At least my ex90 touch serial number starts with FTT, so its not shown in the xstatus:

*s Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 HardwareInfo: "101654-3"
*s Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 ID: "12:34:56:78:90:AB"
*s Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 Name: "Cisco TelePresence Touch"
*s Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 SoftwareInfo: "TT7.1.1.168aadf"
*s Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 Status: Connected
*s Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 Type: TouchPanel
*s Experimental Peripherals ConnectedDevice 1001 UpgradeStatus: None


Only had a C20 system with root access and TC5.x right now, but did not notice any touchserial  number in the log files on the file system.

So I guess asking a local guy to look under the touchpanel is what I would do ;-)


Why do they want to read out the serial numbers?

To identify / track them the mac address might be good enough.

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New Member

My customer has his office in

My customer has his office in Germany. The video endpoints are installed at many points in Europe (Sweden, France, Spain and so on). Now he must check all systems and generate a list from all this devices (include all connected equipments).

But again, what do you need

But again, what do you need the serial number for in the first place?


If its for your internal tracking, use the mac address, that should be unique as well.

Also handy if the touchpanel is connected to an ethernet switch to

find the port, you could not do that with the serial number ;-)


If its to open a TAC case, use the main serial number to open the case and

get the serial number during the case (if even needed) by the one reporting

the problem with the touchpad.


You could ask Cisco if they have a mapping in between the MAC and your serial numbers, its at least worth asking.




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New Member

I have seen this field. Cisco

I have seen this field. Cisco TAC told me that we have no chance to read out this information, because ".... it is a hardware limitation". What a kind of limitation I got no information.

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