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ISDN Link call setup messages


We have a customer who is having some trouble getting calls to connect using their ISDN Link.  I think I see where the problem happens in the call trace I took, but am having trouble finding a definition of what is happening. I see the initial call setup;

332.71 ISDNTrace   BRI-1 NT: sapi=0  cr=1 tei=127 UI    pf=0
332.71 ISDNTrace           pd=8  (Q.931) cref=84 (f=0)
332.71 ISDNTrace           SETUP
332.71 ISDNTrace           Bearer cap: 80 90 a2
332.72 ISDNTrace               ITU-T, Speech, 64k circuit
332.72 ISDNTrace               G.711 My-law
332.72 ISDNTrace           Channel id: 89
332.72 ISDNTrace               Exclusive, not D-ch., B1 channel

But the next message is the one where it deviates from a successful call;

332.80 ISDNTrace   *T 00007AC2 1 TE 00 D5 0C 00 08 01 00 00 F7 96 7A 14 03 80 81 81 81 0E 37 30 33 36 39 33 36 37 37 35 30 31 30 31
332.80 ISDNTrace   BRI-1 TE: sapi=0  cr=0 tei=106 I     ns=6 nr=0 pf=0
332.80 ISDNTrace           pd=8  (Q.931) cref=0 (f=0)
332.80 ISDNTrace           ESCAPE
332.80 ISDNTrace           hex: f7
332.81 ISDNTrace           Locking shift codeset 6: national

I should be seeing an ALERTING message where ESCAPE is.  Could they be getting this message because the Switch Type is set incorrectly?  We've tried changing the setting, but haven't been successful in connecting the call.  If I could get a description as to why we could be seeing the ESCAPE message, I'll have a better idea as to where to look for the problem.


C60 running TC6.3.0, Pairs with Link without issue.

ISDN Link running 1.1, have factory reset it and re-paired to C60 with no change in the issue.  Switch type set to ATT.

BRI Lines verified as passing calls to a U-format phone.


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At a quick glance, the call

At a quick glance, the call is establishing on a "Speech" circuit - is the ISDN line you have connected to the ISDNLink a voice only service?  (Hence why it works with a telephone, but not with Video).

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Hi Wayne,That's the question

Hi Wayne,

That's the question I've been putting to the customer, but they swear it's provisioned for data.  I think they are making adjustments behind the scenes though, because over the last few days we have had some successes.

Thanks for the response!

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Hi BOB, I think your SETUP



I think your SETUP message should contain something like:


332.72 ISDNTrace            ITU-T, Unrestricted digital information, 64k circuit


If you see "Speech", the call could go on, but it will be audio only.






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