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ISDN Link with c40 codec replacing Tandberg 1000mxp

Hi All,

Hope you can help.

We are trying to replace a Tandberg 1000 mxp with an ISDN Link box paired with a c40 codec. 

The ISDN Link box has been tested and works in our office isdn lines connecting both incoming and outgoing at 384k.

The 1000 mxp is connected to a Nortel/Avaya cs1000 using the BRI interface card on 3 lines and works fine connecting at 384k both incoming and outgoing.

When we connect the ISDN link box with the c40 we are able to make outgoing calls at 384k but can only get 64k on incoming calls.

The lines are connected in the same order as the 1000 mxp.

We have entered the "extension/DN"  numbers of the bri line numbers into the ISDN link box as per install guide with no difference.

We have also switched on and off all the parameters we think pertinent according to the guide.

Does anyone know of a correct set-up for this?

Thanks in Advance.



VIP Green

If it's working on your site,

If it's working on your site, but just not at the other site when it's connected to the CS1000, it's likely to be a setting on the CS1000 that's not allowing the bonding with an incoming call.  I'd suggest you start looking on there.

Another option you could try is SIP registering the C40 to the CS1000, then you may not need the ISDNLink at all.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
New Member

Hi Wayne,Thanks for the reply

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the reply.

The problem we have with the settings on the CS1000 are that the bonding on the incoming call works fine with the 1000 mxp.

We are not sure, therefore, what parameters we can ask the PABX maintainer to change that would make a difference or what is different about the bonding on the ISDN link box compared to the 1000 mxp.

I will ask about the SIP registration on the cs1000. 

We have also raised a TAC case.




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