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Issue with TelePresence Content Server Recording


I have a recording which has got a few errors and are wondering if there is anyway to rescan\reprocess from the original rtp dump.


1. If you select Manage Outputs on the problem recording first error noticed is it come up with Recording Call Speed = 0 kbps and recorded with daul stream = no (originally this was not the case).

2. Get transcoder errors see details from log file:

8039    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Info: Initializing transcoding - Configuring job

8040    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Info: Finding job information [job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171, template = <transcode conference_id="ee86be24-08e0-460f-856b-20561d8dd6a6" thumbnail_path=""><clips action="transcode"><input filename="\\fsact02-cdc\Telepresence\data\rtpdumps\EE86BE24-08E0-460F-856B-20561D8DD6A6000.ogg" points="0" hasvideo="True" framerate="0"/></clips><metadata name="Chief's Talk" speaker="" copyright="" keywords="" description="" date="1374638400"/><writer source="normal"><template codec="windowsMedia" delivery="DELIVERY_ON_DEMAND" qualitybitrateK="0" layout="sidebyside" piplocation="top/left" quality="Large"/><output type="file" guid="bbef76ed-0d93-4318-88fa-a3b78c4770e9" directory="\\fsact02-cdc\Telepresence\data\media\"/></writer><callinfo bitrateK="0" hasaudio="false" hasextended="false" hasvideo="false" videoFrames="0" extendedFrames="0" duration="1"/></transcode>]

8041    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Warning: Setting output bitrate and size, Zero call bitrate - Using 2 Mb/s

8042    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Info: Transcode settings [extended_frame_rate = 0, extended_size = 0x0(), layout = 2, main_frame_rate = 0, main_height_ratio = 1, main_size = 0x0(), negotiated_bitrate_kbps = 0, output_bitrate_kbps = 2662, output_frame_rate = 30, output_frame_rate_max = 30, output_size = 0x0(), quality = 3, quality_bitrate_kbps = 0]

8043    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Info: Setting up template [job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171] - Template set up

8044    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Info: Finding conference ID [conference_id = ee86be24-08e0-460f-856b-20561d8dd6a6, job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171]

8045    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Info: Loading source rtp dump file [conference_id = ee86be24-08e0-460f-856b-20561d8dd6a6, job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171] - Rtp dump source file loaded

8046    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Info: Getting template information [conference_id = ee86be24-08e0-460f-856b-20561d8dd6a6, job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171, writer = Windows Media, writer_index = 0] - Found writer

8047    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Info: Reading rtp packet control message, Recording does not have video [job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171] - Ignoring recording pause

8048    2013-08-06T11:00:39+10:00    Warning: Creating finish transcoding job request, Cannot determine duration [conference_id = ee86be24-08e0-460f-856b-20561d8dd6a6, job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171] - Setting duration to last time seen by RTP handlers

8049    2013-08-06T11:00:41+10:00    Info: Receiving finish transcoding job response [conference_id = ee86be24-08e0-460f-856b-20561d8dd6a6, job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171, kbps = 0, total_bytes = 0, total_milliseconds = 42] - Found job data

8050    2013-08-06T11:00:41+10:00    Info: Calculating percentage of real time taken to transcode [conference_id = ee86be24-08e0-460f-856b-20561d8dd6a6, job_id = A9BCBA29-82CC-4164-B8F0-230BE467F171, percent = 0] - Percentage found

3. video could be played back before editing (Content editor).


Issue with TelePresence Content Server Recording

what version of TCS are you using?

do you see the frist snapshot of the recording on the TCS recording page?

do you know which codec used to do the recording (i.e. H263, etc.)?

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