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Jabber client video problem


if i call with jabber sip client to conference everything works fine but if call call direct to the endpoint then audio works but video is missing ? only black screen. Both endpoint and jabber are registered to vcs but it seems that sip call goes from vcs to expressway? i don't know why. is it search rule problem or what? everything works fine before we upgrade our devices.

TMS 12.6.--> 13.2.2

VCS X6.2 --> X7.2.2

Expressway X6.2 --> X7.2.2                  


Re: Jabber client video problem

What kind of computer hardware / os / jabberversion do you use?

There seems to be an issue with modern laptops running windows with integrated cameras, if not in a call you see a selfview,

but if in a call, no video neither selfview nor sending it to the remote site.

You can try to connect an external camera, use the mcu or change the bandwidth settings.

Check out:


We have filed a case regards that as well. If its the same I would recommend to file a case as

well so it gets a higher priorty of getting fixed!

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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