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Jabber edge over expressway not working

We deployed an expressway-c and expressway-e construct (version 8.1.1) based on cucm 9.1.2 and cupx 9.1.1.




internally, jabber works fine while connecting directly onto the IM.




externally (over the expressway-e, placed into a DMZ) there is no connection establishment.




the only error i can see in the expressway-e event log is the following one:




traffic_server[3262]: Event="Sending HTTP error response" Status="403" Reason="Access Denied" Dst-ip="***ip***" Dst-port="60151" UTCTime="2014-05-15 05:43:09,846" 




...anyone out there with the same problem? ...any ideas how to solve this? ...would be very appreciated :-)

Cisco Employee

Hey Thomas,There are many

Hey Thomas,

There are many things that could cause Jabber to not be able to login successfully through MRA using Collab Edge. I would check out the following though:


Make sure that you have the traversal zone between the Expressway-E and Expressway-C setup for Force Encrypted so that is uses a TLS connection. Also make sure that both the Expressway-E and Expressway-C  have the 'Unified Communications Services' option under SIP for the Traversal Zone set to 'Yes'.


If this is already configured, then it could be a few other things causing this, but based on the 403 error, this is most likely the issue.


New Member

Hi ,I'm also not able to

Hi ,

I'm also not able to login to cisco Jabber MRA even from "ISO, Android ", my setup is CUCM 9.1.2 and IM version 9.1.1

but i already configure the Traversal Zone between the Expressway -E and Expressway -C to used TLS and is active between E and C it take littel time to make it TLS ON anyway, also i have Configure the "Unifed Cummincation manager " option to be "YES" under Traversal Zone.

the TLS verify mode On  for Cisco IM and presence but when i try to did it for unified communication not accepet and say "Cannot connect to "My publisher name". TLS certificate validation failed

is there any requierd mor have to do to able to acess for cisco Jabber from outsied




hi i'm same problem bezra do

hi i'm same problem bezra


do you resolved??

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