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Jabber Movi Deployment Customization for Windows and Mac


I am deploying Jabber Movi and would like to preconfigure the application for Windows and Mac with all the basic settings per the admin guide.  I have not/never done Any Windows Installer or Mac preconfiguring.  Is there some step by step guidance on what to do?  I have looked at the Microsoft site and a few others, I see how to create a switch and all available options but I am not sure how implement it.  For example, do I create the install options in a text file that gets call during the installation, I am not sure.  Any assistance would be really appreciated. 

Thanks for your help.



Jabber Movi Deployment Customization for Windows and Mac

Hi Ravi,

Here is a copy of a an answer I posted a few weeks back (which actually didn't quite relate to that question), but is better server here.

You need pass parameters to the  installer. To do this, I have created a BAT file (for Windows - an ordinary Text file, but saved with a .bat extension rather than a .txt extension) that  passes the correct parameters to the MSI/EXE installer. The Jabber admin  guide details how to do this but for reference, I have used something  like:

To use with the EXE (in this case 4.6) - copy the text below into a text file in notepad, and save with a .bat extension

JabberVideoSetup4.6.exe  /v"/qn HIDEADVANCEDLOGIN=1"

To use with the with the MSI - copy the text below into a text file in notepad, and save with a .bat extension

JabberVideo.msi  /qn HIDEADVANCEDLOGIN=1

So,  the user downloads two files (either the EXE or MSI, plus the BAT file) and runs the BAT.

It might also be possible to  create a self extracting zip that contains both the Jabber installer and  BAT for single installer, but I never looked into this. The other  possibility might be to capture an installation to a new EXE/MSI using  something like "MSI Wrapper" or "WiX Toolset - I started looking into  this but the BAT files work for me.

I think you can do something similar for the MAC.

However, the only we to mass deploy would be via a third party application, such as via MS tool or even AD.

There is a big caveat however - not sure if this is fixed in version 4.7 or not. If you set up the install such as above, then later you add a  option to the TMSPE provisioning template to notify users of a new  version of Jabber, when they download and install, all of the setting  are wiped, so the user ends up to a Jabber client they can't use -  expect phone calls!!! The only way I can see around this is to create a new EXE/MSI with the parameters already embedded

I  "think" that if you use the parameters above rather than the one  outlined in the admin guide (i.e. DOMAIN instead of FORCEDDOMAIN,  INTERNALVCS instead of FORCEDINTERNALVCS, etc) this might not happen,  but it was a long time ago since I checked - and as this is  undocumented, expect that it might change at any point.

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