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Jabber on Windows 9.7 Photo issue

Hi All Collaboration Experts,

CM 9.1.2

IM& Presence 9.1

Jabber 9.7 | Jabber 9.2 (Windows)

I built up a Linux Apache web server ( for loading the contact photos on the Jabber.

And I modified the jabber-config.xml as "<UDSPhotoUriWithToken></UDSPhotoUriWithToken>".

It is successful to load the photos on Jabber 9.2, but fail to load the Jabber 9.7.

I checked the guide said Jabber 9.7 access the xml link, but fail


And idea?





Community Member

Did you tried

Did you tried <PhotoUriWithToken></PhotoUriWithToken> instead "UDSPhotoUriWithToken" ?

When in local network, by default Jabber 9.7 uses EDI and the mentioned document have a specific session on this.




*Install Cisco Jabber for Windows on a workstation that is registered to an Active Directory domain. In this environment, you do not need to configure Cisco Jabber for Windows to connect to the directory. The client automatically discovers the directory and connects to a Global Catalog server in that domain.

EDI uses native Microsoft Windows APIs to retrieve contact data from the directory service.

The following are the default settings for on-premises deployments with EDI:
  • Cisco Jabber integrates with Active Directory as the contact source.
  • Cisco Jabber automatically discovers and connects to a Global Catalog.


Cisco Jabber supports UDS using the following Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions:
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 9.1(2) or later with the following COP file: cmterm-cucm-uds-912-5.cop.sgn.
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 10.0(1). No COP file is required.

You can deploy approximately 50 percent of the maximum number of Cisco Jabber clients that your Cisco Unified Communications Manager node supports.

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