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Jabber Telepresence 4.6 Traversal Call

I have done a number of tests using

Jabber TP OS X/Windows 4.6.

VCS Express 7.2.2

It appears that the VCSE / OSX client is not detecting whether the call should be a traversal call or not.

Both clients are registered to the VCS Express.

PC to PC on different networks result in Traversal Call

PC to PC on same network result in Non-Traversal Call

Mac to PC on same network result in Non-Traversal Call

Mac to PC on different network result in Non-Traversal Call (THIS IS A PROBLEM)

So my question is:  How does this detection take place?  And how might I resolve this issue?

Thank you


Re: Jabber Telepresence 4.6 Traversal Call

Hi, this should be nothing specific for the Mac or PC client.

Did you try it with the same acocunt, same settings on the client on the same network dialing the same destination?

If a client on the VCS-E ends up as a non traversal call its either using turn/ice/stun or the client is

reaching the VCS-E without NAT

Also if you use SIP TCP (not recmended anyhow) and there is a ALG or some other Layer3 devices

which is trying to do magic you might experiance this.

If you need more info you need to give us more info about the deployment (network, firewalls, nat ...  and configuration wise (provisioning parameters, jabber setup, vcs config, turn/ice/stun, ...)

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Re: Jabber Telepresence 4.6 Traversal Call

Hi john,

Traversal and non-traversal license usage is not related to type of endpoints.

you use Traversal licenses when you hit one of these conversions:

1- call in IPv4 to IPv6 and vice versa

2- call interworked (SIP <> H.323)

3- Traversal zone used (calls through VCSC and VCSE)

4- media encrypted

otherwise the call uses non-traversal license.

so you if your jabber client register on VCSE and calls another jabber client on different network, maybe that client is registered on your VCSE or the other client is register on a VCSE.

as Martin mentioned need more details (network diagram, etc) to resolve the issue.

regards, Ahmad

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