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New Member

Jabber Video (4.8.6) and use of the Bandwidth testing via TURN services

We are running TMS 13.2, VCS X7 and Provisioning Extension to support about 220 Jabber clients

All is well and Jabber works well for us...

We would like to make the Resource Check portion of the Quick Setup work... see screenshot

I know from reading the Cisco docs that only the Expressway support the TURN function that is used in the Resource check

Can I have an internal jabber client that is registered to the VCS-Control use the turn function in the VCS-Expressway

I want to make it work internally before I go and have the FW rules updated for Internet connected Jabber clients

Anyone using TURN in this way?




VIP Purple

As long as you have your

As long as you have your Jabber Video users utilize a template that is setup with TURN, anyone either internal or external can use the Expressway for the resource check.  Once you configure TURN in the TMSPE template, you can also configure other provisioning options in the template that can use TURN as well, one comes to mind is bandwidth probing, and ICE.

You'll need to add the following SRV record:  _turn._udp.<domain> over port 3478, to the domain you configured Jabber Video to use and on your Expressway.

New Member

Thanks for the replies...Ok,

Thanks for the replies...

Ok, I did some setup and still no joy

Since our VCS-Expressways are located in our DMZ, there is a FW between the the public Internet and the VCS-E and from our internal Intranet and the VCS-E

I'm I correct in assuming that for EXTENAL clients to use TURN I need:

The public Internet facing FW to allow UDP 4678 inbound to the VCS AND UDP 60000-61200 in both directions to make the BW testing/TURN work...  (This should be there already since I have all high numbered UDP ports opens)
I do not have the "_turn._udp.<domain>" SRV record setup yet but the docs I read say that it will do a "A Record" lookup if the SRV lookup fails.... I will assume its an A record lookup of the external VCS that is specified in the sign in setttings of the Jabber client. (I also set vcs External to the IP address of the VCS-E)

When I try the Quick Setup... it just says "Estimating"

I also want to update the Config template to see if that fixes it...  using a 4.8.6 client and a 4.6 template - Where can I download that 4.8 template?

Here is the Jabber Client log from my last attempt to use TURN BW testing.. (x'd out specific info)

2014-05-19 12:49:12,699 ICE

ICE is ENABLED, TurnServer is '', TurnAuthUsername is 'turn', TurnAuthPassword is 'XXX', Force Turn Relay is 'OFF'


2014-05-19 12:49:12,704 Signaling

      Sending REGISTER for to using transport auto


2014-05-19 12:49:14,412 Bitrate

Network probing started


2014-05-19 12:49:22,924 ICE

TURN allocation FAILED for conn 21534, server:


Let me know what y'all think





VIP Purple

You need to have 3478 UDP

You need to have 3478 UDP open on the firewall to the Expressway for TURN to work.  Check your Exressway TURN settings for the exact port if you happened to changed it.

New Member

Patrick, thanks for the reply

Patrick, thanks for the reply...   for improved compatibility with non-Tandberg/Cisco systems we opened all High numbered UDP port through the FW to the VCS-E awhile ago

I got it to work....

Here is what it says in the Jabber Admin guide...

If no SRV record for TURN is found, Jabber Video will perform an A record lookup (IPv4) or an AAAA lookup (IPv6), but will default to port 3478.

It appears that if there is an SRV record it will try to use port 3678 and that is what the VCS was configured for....

When it does an A record lookup it defaults to UDP 3478....

When I setup the device provisioning template in TMS PE, I specified  
"vcs-e-clustername:3678" that forced it to use the right port....

Now it says 384K (Limited) in the quick setup.... in the outgoing bandwidth section....

It now also works from the VCS-Control side (Intranet)

From the VCS-Control side I only get 384K... I;m guessing that is because my traversal zone is limited to 384K

Thanks to all for the imput


VIP Purple

It could be your traversal

It could be your traversal zone, but make sure what you have setup in your Jabber Video template in TMS, to see if you could also be limiting the bandwidth there too.

Pstrick is correct. We

Pstrick is correct. We provision both TURN and ICE and the b/w resource check works great both for internally and externally registered users. /jens Please rate replies and mark questions "answered" if applicable.
Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.
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