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Kiosk mode for Cisco E20?

Hi folks

I've been asked to set up a Cisco E20 as part of a 'virtual receptionist' project: it will be located in the foyer of one building, but the 'real' receptionist will be in another building.

The plan is that the customer places a call from the Cisco E20 to the receptionist in the other building, who will then assist them with their query.

I was hoping to configure the E20 so that it only had one operational button/soft-key, which would place a call to the receptionist at the far-end.

However, it would appear that the E20 doesn't have a kiosk mode, or the ability to selectively disable buttons on the keypad, which would be my preferred choice.

xcommand Key Disable locks all of the keys, apart from mic/camera mute, headset, speaker and the volume buttons, which would be fine, if it left the soft-keys available, but unfortunately it doesn't.

I know on the MXPs it's possible to lock out specific keys using a similar command, but this doesn't seem to be an option on the E20 - it's pretty much all or nothing.

Bearing in mind that I have to use the E20, can anyone suggest an alternate method to achieve what's been asked?

Thanks in advance, Rob

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Doesn't look like it's

Doesn't look like it's possible to lock down the E20 like you wanted, someone also asked the same things here: help-locking-down-e20.  I was thinking it could be possible to implement the key disable command you mentioned, and then have the E20 call out to the receptionist when the handset was picked up, however doesn't look possible either (I thought I remember some years ago seeing this done once).

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Thanks for that info Patrick

Thanks for that info Patrick.

It looks like I'll need to go back to the customer and tell them that it's not possible to configure it quite how they'd prefer.

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