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Lync 2013 client to VCS 8.1 and EX60



I am setting up a lab environment with Lync 2013, VCS 8.1 along with an EX60 and Lync 2013 client. This is a very basic setup (no VCS cluster) just to demonstrate the integration capabilities. I do not have the interoperability license installed and am running in demo mode. I currently have two issues I am hoping you can assist with.


1. I can make calls from the EX60 to the LYnc 2013 client, but only get voice on both ends. I cannot get the video to connect.


2. I cannot call from the Lync 2013 client to the Tandberg EX60 using the


I have followed instructions from the link below and have been over them many times, but still am having these issues. Any thoughts?

To give you a little more information:

  • This is a single VCS 8.1 system installed on ESXi 5.5

  • No integration with CUCM (yet)

  • TMS is not part of the test environment (yet)

  • Tandberg EX60 is using H.323 for registration with VCS

  • One Lync domain and one Video (Tandberg) domain

  • Search rule defined on VCS to match calls to Lync SIP Domain and sent it to the B2BUA target. This is the highest priority, over the default LocalZoneMatch search rule.

  • Status of B2BUA service for VCS and Lync both show Alive (certs are correctly installed and working)

  • Using TLS

  • Using demo mode on VCS server with one traversal, one non-traversal license, and three registration licenses

  • The configuration of the environment is similar to the PDF document. Keeping it very simple for now.






For Lync2013, you will need

For Lync2013, you will need the MS Interop license to get video work since Lync 2013 only does H264 SVC and EX90 doesnt understand it. You will need the license for SVC-AVC conversion.

Is MS server registered under the Lync B2BUA. You should be able to see the status of it from the Status -> Application -> Lync B2BUA menu.

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Seconded what George has said

Seconded what George has said. However if you use the Lync 2010 client you can at least see video working albeit at a poor resolution and using H.263. It is NOT the Lync server you need to worry about but the Lync client, so you can run Lync 2013 as the server and Lync 2010 client. You can download a 180 trial of the 2010 client from MS.

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