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MCU 5310 static conference with single Numeric ID for Chair & Guest Support

We have MCU 5310 version 4.4(3.67) and registered with CUCM as SIP trunk.

Conference is working fine with both auto attendant and Static/permanent conference.

Issue is: we have created permanent conference with number ID 3333 with PIN ex.1234. also Guest numeric ID also same 3333 without PIN.

Our requirement is, if any user dial 3333 it should announce similar like "if you are chair person then enter PIN, otherwise stay on line", once char person join meeting, then guest can see video conference. Guest should not ask to enter PIN

How do I achieve this? we don't want to keep difference numeric ID for Chair and Guest. we want to keep same Number ID for Chair and Guest. And should not asked for enter PIN, and chair person required PIN. Pls. suggest how to achieve this.


Secondly, is it possible to change logo for Permanent conference? at present option is only for Auto Attendant.


Pls. suggest


Rajesh Kumar

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There is no in call menu

There is no in call menu option to become chair, you have to enter the conference as a chair to be one.  Have you considered using the same numeric ID for chair and guest, and then use a different PIN for each?  Because you put a PIN on the conference, everyone will be asked to enter a PIN to access the conference, the MCU doesn't know who is supposed to be chair or not.  One other option is to use different conference IDs for chair and guest, chair would have a PIN, guests would not.

If you'd like to have the ability to use the in call menu to change from a guest to chair, I'd suggest you contact your Cisco account manager and file a feature request.  I know some time back when they added the in call menu (MCU release 4.3), I had suggested such a thing, don't think it made it anywhere though. :(

As far as changing the logo for conferences, that isn't possible, only on Auto Attendants.

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